May Discoveries: Handpicked New Releases & Treats

Thousands of great new songs are being released each day as we speak & we are lucky enough to live in such times, where almost all of it is available to us, literally at the tip of our fingers. To offer some sort of navigation through the overwhelming amount of tunes, I’ve decided to take the time to reflect & appreciate, take a look back to what’s been put out there over the past month. By the means of a selection of fresh releases, well-curated mixtapes and special treats, here goes the monthly musical wrap-up. Your dose of fresh grooves, whether it’s new releases by heavy-hitters of the game / new artists on the radar, or wholesome mixes / DJ sets / radio shows / podcasts.


May, the month of love & good vibrations was extremely overwhelming music-wise. Once again, I’ve highlighted some of the must-hear tracks that stroke a chord with me.

To name a few of the crowning moments in May, these were definitely J.Cole’s ‘The Off Season’, L’Orange’s ‘Imaginary Everything’ and CZARFACE MF DOOM ‘Super What?’ as far as rap albums go. On another note, Blue Lab Beats highly expected EP ‘We Will Rise’ was released on Blue Note Records and it’s exquisite. Children of Zeus has dropped some fire tracks, Mara T K’s ‘Bad Meditation’ and Sons of the James latest Stevie cover ‘Love’s In Need of Love Today’ resonated deeply. Discovering the local scene in Amsterdam has been an exciting journey for me and a total treat, so I’ve also dropped in a few tracks by Turbalence, Shamis & Rebiere, Liquid Spirits and also a fresh summertime jam by Tera Kora. Oh and Little Simz! Woman. 2nd track from her upcoming release featuring Cleo Sol. Ab-solutely stunning.

So yeah, that being said, enjoy the fresh flavor of the month in the Discoveries playlist with all of the above & then some. In no particular order.


It’s only fair to say that well-put-together sets play a critical role in making sense of the music that’s available out there. Finding connections between the present and the past, taking us on a journey through the known & unknown, often offering a brand new perspective and inspiration. Connecting the dots. This month there have been a couple of new ones that stuck with me. Kick back, listen & enjoy.


Okay this is probably my Favorite Mixed Feelings edition so far. Vinyl set filled with deep cuts from Jef’s collection of deep jazz, heartfelt soul, Brazilian nuggets, familiar samples & more.


Lean Rock is back in business with 30 minutes fix of hard beats and breaks, doing his thing.


For the 7th show we had SIT writer/producer Jelee joining Lucas Benjamin as a co-host, bringing a lot of exclusives by fellow Dutch producers & other stuff he’s currently into.


Okay this right here. Check out what Skillz found at home. Restored Dilla beat tape. Unreleased. With instrumental versions of “It’s Goin’ Down,” “The Jam,” and “Runnin’.” Goosebumps.

Feel free to share the love & hit me up with what’s been catching your ears these days. I’m always on the look-out for music and would love to hear from you.

I love music.